What a Load of Rubbish – S.A. ‘Leading The Way’

In South Australia, the culture of recycling dates back as far as the 1800’s with bottles being voluntarily returned to the drink manufacturers in order for the bottles to be re-used. In 1977, the container deposit legislation was put in place and in 2009 plastic bags were been banned from supermarket checkouts. This has put […]

‘It is easier to fall for anything than stand for something’ – International Women’s Day

Acknowledging the great things women do in life is the start of gender parity. I will always be grateful for my Mum’s strength bringing up three boys and how she modeled learning and determination to complete a degree while providing us with a happy home. I thought I would bring to light a film that […]

Pear Deck for Active Engagement

Last year I came across, via twitter, an online presentation medium that lets the teacher present content live while viewing student responses from the phone and having anonymous student responses via the classroom projector. It’s called Pear Deck and it aims to make the live classroom more engaging and fun while not impeding on the […]