App Review – 3D Brain

I came across the 3D Brain App via twitter and I’ve found it to be very informative and simple to use. An older post of mine goes into a little more detail on how I value neuroscience in learning┬ábut this app has allowed me to quickly share the anatomy of the brain with my students. […]

5 Tips For Better Sleep

I have been considering recently the amount of time I spend in front of a screen at night time and how this might negatively impact my sleep. This was brought about after becoming restless one night before bed and sleeping poorly as a result. When I looked back, the most notable difference in my preparation […]

Meetings For Staff Wellbeing

With meetings left right and centre it is no wonder teachers get sick of them, but how often do teachers get to attend a meeting with very little agenda and a focus on teacher wellbeing? Over the last 2 years an excellent, mountain loving, colleague of mine facilitated a reading group focused on positive psychology […]

Top 7 Indicators for Wellness & Capacity Maximisation – NEUROSCIENCE THE SOCIAL BRAIN AND EDUCATION.

I was talking with a supervision teacher at my school yesterday as she took my class while I was at EduTechAU 2015. She often takes my classes while I’m away and she has a profoundly positive impact on the classes during the short time she is with them. Upon further discussion, she has a masters […]

Information Overload – The Disadvantages of Multitasking

Our Head of Curriculum spoke at assembly Wednesday about the dangers of force-fed information on our brains. While we are ever so lucky to have the support of Google during the odd brain block, the constant desire to know what everyone is up to during every minute of the day may be having a negative […]