Thoughtful Environmental Technologies In Australia

In the Yarra valley region, Victoria, a purpose built facility has been established to dispose of commercial organic waste. It aims to divert over 30,000 tonnes of commercial food waste from landfills each year. This on its own is clearly beneficial in reducing waste, but it is the position next to the existing sewage treatment […]

What a Load of Rubbish – S.A. ‘Leading The Way’

In South Australia, the culture of recycling dates back as far as the 1800’s with bottles being voluntarily returned to the drink manufacturers in order for the bottles to be re-used. In 1977, the container deposit legislation was put in place and in 2009 plastic bags were been banned from supermarket checkouts. This has put […]

Kraamzorg’s Save the Day

This is not a science fiction post. This is not a post about teaching in the classroom. This post is about child development. While many of the children growing up in the UK are some of the most unhappy in the world, children from the Netherlands are some of the happiest (BBC, 2017). When I […]

Experimenting With Routine (Greeting Class)

This is a delayed response to a simple experiment I conducted with my new Year 7 class last year after experiencing a less than enjoyable entry into class, in week 2. I only see this class three lessons a week so every moment I spend with them is important. As we, in Australia, are starting […]

A Firm Handshake

How long will you live? This interesting study provides me with some real data supporting my view, to some degree, that the fitter you are, the longer you live. While most of western society looks for medicine to improve life expectancy,  all we really need is to increase our strength. Obviously, there are exceptions to […]