Kraamzorg’s Save the Day

This is not a science fiction post. This is not a post about teaching in the classroom. This post is about child development.

While many of the children growing up in the UK are some of the most unhappy in the world, children from the Netherlands are some of the happiest (BBC, 2017). When I learned that this could be because of the support parents are given after birth, it made me want to know more.

Under the current health care system in the Netherlands, one of the best in the world, parents are given a maternity nurse (Kraamzorg) for a month upon arriving home. The parents can chose one themselves and this leads to some excellent community connections. The parents can then spend the time with the child and get assistance instantly. As my wife is a midwife there were very few moments during our children’s infancy where I was left not knowing. I wasn’t scared to bath or help with any of the bits and pieces associated with this stage of life. I guess for majority of parents when first arriving at home there would be heaps of unknowns. I can see the benefit of the Kraamzorg in reducing the anxiety new mothers might develop and this, in tern, leads to a more stress free environment for the child.  One in which the parents can devote time to the development of the child and not stress about the ‘unknown’ or other bits and pieces that take up so much of a mother’s time. The Kraamzorg will offer advice for breast feeding, clean the bathroom everyday and vacuum the house. This along with professional advice and referral would definitely help the smooth functioning of the that little brain’s development. Happy babies, happy preschoolers, happy learners and, of course, happy teachers.


Surely if society can prevent stress from the beginning then children will be better equipped to cope with all the challenges life brings.


for more, check out this link.


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