It was a slow start to the day after realizing I had food poisoning from the prawns I ate the night before. I thought, after eating breakfast, that I might be able to last. How wrong I was. Arriving for the third day of work on the house the sun broke the clouds and beamed down like a blow torch on my fatigued body. I couldn’t stand for long and ended up lying down for most of the morning trying madly to avoid the heat. The circular saw screeched in the background as the boys cut timber for the walls. I could hear their conversations about templates and lengths of timber and tools. They are working like a well oiled machine. It makes it hard when you can’t help, but they had it covered. These young men are making light work of it!

By lunchtime I wasn’t any better so I made my way back to the hotel and slept for the rest of the afternoon. I was feeling better after the sleep and by dinner I was able to eat again and I’m thankful for the support of all the staff on our trip. Lisa informed me, when they arrived home for the afternoon, that the day was a complete success and that the floor had been concreted and the roof was up. The boys work at an unbelievable pace and the tour leader said that our school has such a good work ethic. We get through twice as much as any other school. Apart from the pre-fabricated timber frames, the boys have pretty much finished building an entire house in 3 days. Today I will be able to help, thank goodness, and we can put the remaining timber on the walls and shift some of the old house to the new one so we can start the annex for the kitchen.


Short and sweet today. Hopefully, tomorrow’s post will be more detailed…



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