One Year On…

Just over a year ago I started my ‘real’ online profile in the hope that I might be able to covertly recognise my work-life balance. While not always regular with my posts, I have, over the time, recorded a range of insights into what make me tick. I have gained some new followers, albeit minimal, but more importantly I have been able to generate a timeline of my cognitive foci. I can now see my growth over time, recorded as factoids or reflections. These are the features of my life worth recording and when published, it feels as if I have given them the appropriate recognition. It is not easy recording your honest thoughts and publishing them as this is what can open you up to criticism and ridicule. However, we often experience the most reward when we are out of our comfort zone and if there is one thing that I would like my students to say about me when I’m gone is that I was willing to take risks.



I am grateful for the feedback I have received over this time and particular mention must go to @sally07 AKA flatchat.wordpress for showing me the ropes and offering me support along the way. I am grateful for having an outlet that allows me to freely share what is important to me at any given time and writing it down provides clarity and ‘artistic’ (I use this term loosely) freedom whether or not it reaches an intended audience. Also my good friend, and mentor, @stakemjomia AKA Stephen Howes must also get a mention as we are, through technology, still able to connect and reflect even though we are thousands of kilometers apart. It is through mediums such as Twitter, Wix and WordPress that my personal learning network (PLN) is able to grow and flourish.

So much has happened since my dive into blogging that I thought I would put some key moments down in dot point form.

  • Received a middle management position (end of 2015)
  • Met Super Awesome Sylvia @makersylvia (little person doing big things)
  • Engaged in workshops and meetings with the Science of Learning Research Institute
  • Completed the Mooloolaba Triathlon (PAIN)
  • Sold a house
  • Bought a house
  • Competed in my first road and criterium races (loved it)
  • Established a professional learning podcast (next episode soon to be published)
  • Coached another successful football season (team of little legends)
  • Applied to present at my first National Conference (AGTA)
  • Witnessed my family growing and learning

All this might seem like extra work but, as my wife would agree, sometimes I talk to much and if i get it down I have greater clarity in life and it really has helped me be conscious of my wklifebalance. My posts may not follow a particular theme and for this I make no apologies as it is all of these topics and themes that drive my passion for life.





3 thoughts on “One Year On…

  1. Thank you for thanking me but look at far you have come, what you have achieved, how you have perspective and can set goals. That was all you. That is what I find blogging does. It makes you get organised, know your stuff and yourself and then enables action. I have never found it to be somewhere I am criticised or ridiculed. The complete opposite in fact. I get so much support and encouragement and you have mentioned that too. You have to post just about daily and advertise your blog on social media to get the following. Such solid ground. Well done. What is your next logical step?


    • Thank, Cathy. So true. It is in fact the opposite that I receive but throwing it out there does make you vulnerable. The next step will be to become more regular with my posting and try to include more about my subject area, Geography. I will also be aiming to release a podcast each term on my other blog for professional development. Thanks for your ongoing support. I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to posting each day but I still find the experience rewarding.

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      • Sometimes you can just put up a video or a picture with a sentence or a link to a site. Must try and find the one I had seen about Geography! It’s not vulnerability. It is strength. You realise you are valid in what you think .You put some really good stuff up. I think your how to keep fit and well as a teacher is worthwhile and the Geography content could extend that nicely. Love that you are doing podcasts! Two blogs. You are really going well.

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