Silver Buttons – A Valuable Lesson in Mindfulness

During our monthly visit to the library we like to spend time immersing ourselves in the new books the recently renovated local library has to offer. While my youngest would prefer to climb and move among the bean bags, my wife and I take a deep nostalgic delve into the colour and joy of picture books.

many of the books we read are received with undivided attention but this visit one book has really made a mark on our family as it recognizes the small things in life and this, in today’s techno-dominant world, is a notion almost forgotten. As the publishers state,

It’s like looking down a magical telescope at a single moment in time,…‘ (Walker Books, 2014)

Out of all the major events that occur around the world in one minute, Bob Graham cleverly draws the readers focus to the smaller things in life, the features of our lives that are really important. A child’s first steps, the innocence of a young child taking her time to make one small change to her drawing as she lies on the carpet or the interaction occurring between two youngster through a fence.

It’s quite a touching book and one I thought worth sharing. So, go out and get it and on the way stop to take in all the wonderful things that your family and the world have to offer as quite often it is the small things in life that can turn and ordinary day into an extraordinary one.

Bob Graham – Silver Buttons

Bob Graham, Author and Illustrator

Another excellent book was recently shared with me that could encourage the same type of deeper connection with life. The books is called Doug Unplugged and it follows the journey of a robot who eventually plugs into the world around him.

Doug Unplugged – Book Trailer

Dan Yuccarino – Doug Unplugged


Walker Books. (2014). Retrieved March 01, 2016, from


3 thoughts on “Silver Buttons – A Valuable Lesson in Mindfulness

  1. So true. It’s why I have come to value Instagram. It makes you appreciate the small things in your life because you compose a photo and share it. When my daughter was little Mister Dog had a good impact, so much so I took it along to school next day and read it to my Year 12 class and then they did a piece of free writing about the messages in it…about being your own person and that notion had not yet been invented!


      • Love hearing that. Thank you. If nothing else it gets your thoughts out there and more often than not people value them . It does make you grow! We used to love the name of that dog and my year 12s were surprisingly taken with it. Your blog is always a reminder to me to keep up with the fitness. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. Write a post about what you have gained. 🙂

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