Nutrition & Running – Back to Basics

I spoke to my brother yesterday and was pleased to hear that he is putting on the trainers again. He was always a much better runner than me and now time has got away from him. He said that he was just too sore the next day. Even though we can’t slow down the aging process we can remind ourselves of simple nutrition tips to help our bodies recover. I thought I’d share my tips so that others may be able to benefit from them too.


1. Must have carbs (complex carbs) within half an hour after exercise

2. Drink water, heaps. Cut alcohol and juice particularly after a run

3. Make your meals smaller but eat more regularly
4. Eat green and red plants/veg they include blood clensers and antioxidants for recovery
2. Don’t run to fatigue. Slow down so you can recover a bit while running. Injuries happen when you’re fatigued especially when you’re a bit older.
3. Form is important. So, stay straight (don’t slouch) and don’t overstride if you want to go faster, lift your knees.
Warm up – 5 min slow jog. high knees, high heels, side step, carioca & lunges over ten meters (10mins)
Set – Jog a bit faster for 5 mins then run hard for 5-10 seconds. Do this 3 times (15-20mins)
Warm down – jog five mins then static stretchs (10mins)
Straight after warm down – finish with heaps of water and simple carbs e.g. meusli bar or bread. Your body needs energy, now!
After you do this two times a week for 3 weeks increase to four sets or extend the hard run to 10-20 seconds.

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