Exercise Before Work



This morning I rode to work and physically exhausted myself in the process but as I approach class I feel more awake and ready to tackle the day. Regardless of whether you are doing hill repeats, swimming 3 km or just going for a light walk, exercise before work because it is good for you mentally and physically. Here’s why

#1 Productivity

Not only will your metabolism get a kick start but aerobic exercise will help your mindset. When you have already been out and about breathing deeply work just seems to flow. Your body prepares for this daily ritual and by the time you get to work your mind would have well and truly caught up. In addition, you tend to make smarter food choices as your body needs the right fuel. This gives a more sustained energy release assisting with your productivity. Some people may not like the thought of being at work all day only to have to drag themselves off the couch to exercise once they get home. So by getting it out the way early they are more focused while at work.

#2 Health

Before and during exercise your body produces hormones that regulate your blood pressure and heart rate. We are all aware of the obvious health benefits of exercise like reduced risk of heart disease etc. but what may not be known is that exercise has the ability to boost your brain health, improving memory and relieving anxiety and stress. During exercise the hippocampus, the area used in verbal memory and learning, expands and cognitive function in these areas is enhanced.


#3 Mood

Exercise releases the ‘feel-good’ hormones, endorphines that have the ability to lift your mood. This good mood could be just the thing to lift someone out of their bad mood but be mindful that not everyone will appreciate your added zest. While coffee does a pretty good job to temporarily mask to effects of tiredness and sullen moods it doesn’t have the long lasting and continual benefits of exercise. So, get out there tomorrow and do something.


If you don’t have the discipline to take the right steps toward a more active morning try these tips

  1. Join a group class or work out with a friend (I joined a cycling club)
  2. Track your progress with apps like strava. This encourages you to reach your goal


Cyc’d Cycling Club



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