Reading for Enjoyment and Relaxation

I spent some time during the break reading a series that gives me a break from the day to day grind. The series is called ‘The Iron Druid chronicles‘ it follows the never ending life of the last druid who battles gods, vampires and creatures from other planes of existence. Probably the best part of these books is Kevin Hearne’s accurate knowledge of ancient mythology, but more significant to me is how this is weaved in with some very witty humour from Oberon, his dog. Yes, a talking dog…

Reading during my break gave me time to sit and breathe. My mind was solely focused on one thing and I feel as if this time is a critical element in helping me find my work life balance. It’s a stern reminder that I should make more time for recreational reading during my busier times.

I thought then that I’d share this infographic to remind myself and others of the importance of reading.


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