APP Review – Rescue Time or Jeopardize Privacy?

Like the web page suggests,  this app helps you keep track of the time you spend on various programs on your device(s). This app can alert you when you have spent enough time on tasks or block websites that are distracting your productivity.

I primarily used this app to find my ‘wklifebalnce’, but since using it I have thought that it may also be used as tool for parents to keep track of their child’s phone or tablet. Quite often I get told by parents that their child is doing hours of homework in their room and when they check on them they seem to be on task. With the app measuring time spent on websites and other applications,  it seems that this may give parents a clearer picture of what is actaully taking place in their ‘digital world’. Of course some might say that this is not allowing the student to have privacy and freedom,  but after a couple of weeks of the parent viewing detailed reports from the app the discussions that take place at the dinner table might help both parties better understand the importance of  productive ICT routines and habits. For example, a child might be spending too much time on Spotify. The discussion may then lead to music preference and taste. Students will as always work out ways around it, but I’m just throwing it out there.

While helpful at the time, I have come to the realization that having access to most programs and websites helps me do my job. Now I just block out parts of my day, or even most of the day, so that I can not open my emails. This has certainly helped. I got the idea from a Ben Greenfield podcast featuring life coach, Tai Lopez. Most of the content from the podcasts is pretty out there, but worth a listen if you’re into health hacking like I am.



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