The Power of Praise

When I was youger I remember a catchy advert that made me feel good. It was promoting mayonaise with the word ‘P.R.A.I.S.E.’
Now I am trying to use it effectively in the classroom, but not the condiment variety. Whilst creating some Yr 7 Wellbeing units, I got to immerse myself in character strengths and see first hand how acknowledging one’s strengths allowed individuals to become more productive and praise, when used to celebrate hard work, can really help to build a more positive and productive classroom environment. Our school has been focusing on positive physch for a couple of years now and it’s nice to have students recognising the language throughout their day to day studies. Students will adopt a growth mindset and become higher achievers when in a more positive classroom. You can’t argue with that. Below is a link that gives greater insught into an American study to prove the results.


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