Lab For Blended Learning

In our school’s Blended Learning team we are reviewing our current eLearning practices. The question then arises, ‘how do we implement a realistic, specific (subject), transparent whole school approach to BL?’ I thought I’d share this article in the Education Week journal under, Behind a Looking Glass: Teachers Help Peers Master Technology’, While this does in some ways reflect the ‘lab rat’ scenario, there can be much gained from experimenting with a control group before we (teachers) explore new technologies. This may give the Digital Luddites some tinkering time to examine the impact on learning. This may also become the ‘risk taking’ opportunity that they would otherwise leave to someone else. I, personally, like taking risks in the classroom as this often reflects real life situations, but others, who are less comfortable taking risks or, that don’t like dealing with change in general, may feel that this is a better way to get tech savvy.


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